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Recently, Brazilian and international investors signed an open letter asking the Brazilian government for an economic recovery more attentive to the care with issues related to the environment. For KPMG’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) consulting partner, Eliete Martins, the covid-19 pandemic showed how organizations are directly connected with society and that actions that were already being developed with Regarding the implementation of environmental, social and governance practices, they are now seen with a greater sense of urgency.

“Companies are being asked to closely manage social and human capital and revisit strategies to incorporate a true commitment to ESG issues to generate business value. It is increasingly evident the need for boards of directors and executives to incorporate into their corporate governance strategies and practices the responsibility for adopting effective ESG practices before the company and society “, he analyzes.

According to the managing partner of ESM consulting at KPMG, Ricardo Zibas, in a world where society’s expectations regarding companies are growing, the incorporation of ESG aspects gains more importance and competitive advantage in organizations.

“More important than just looking at the impacts of covid-19 on business, is to understand the consequences of this pandemic on society as a whole. The crisis affects almost all the objectives of sustainable development, of the UN, because in addition to directly affecting the health of the population and the availability of services, in a short time will also impact on the increase of poverty and social inequality, and on the scarcity of resources invested in socioenvironmental aspects. Therefore, it is expected, as a post-covid-19 scenario, that organizations sustain a culture of greater empathy and accountability with the social and environmental aspects considered chronic in the world “, he concludes.

Source: SEGS.

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