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For those looking for a first chance in the job market, registration for the KPMG internship program is open. The offer is 270 places for university students in 23 cities where the company operates.

The program seeks to select young talent for the Audit area. The opportunities are for university students in Administration courses; Accounting Sciences; Economic Sciences; and Production Engineering.

Those interested must be enrolled in the 3rd semester or have completed it in December 2018. Registration is open until October 11, through the KPMG website.

Those interested do not need to have any professional experience in the curriculum. However, students must have at least intermediate knowledge of English.

In addition to monthly remuneration, young people will be entitled to benefits such as: health plan, dental assistance, life insurance, language course, gym, transportation voucher, meal voucher, food allowance, among others. According to the Press Office, “the values ​​of the scholarship and meal vouchers will be informed in the first stage of the selection”.

Abstract KPMG Young Talent Program

Registration: Until October 11, 2020.

Vacancies: 270.

Workplaces: São Paulo, Osasco, Ribeirão Preto, São Carlos, São José dos Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Belém, Belo Horizonte, Uberlândia, Brasília, Campinas, Cuiabá, Curitiba, Londrina, Florianópolis, Fortaleza, Goiânia, Joinville, Londrina , Manaus, Porto Alegre, Recife and Salvador.

Requirements: Graduation in progress or completed in courses in administration, accounting sciences, economics or production engineering. Applicants must be enrolled in the university from the 3rd semester or have completed the course in December 2018. The required English level is intermediate.

KPMG internship: selection process will be 100% digital

Due to the Coronavirus and the consequent social distance measures, the KPMG Internship Program will be carried out entirely in digital form. When registering, interested parties will undergo an online assessment.

In the second phase, candidates will participate in a group dynamic. Finally, there will be an evaluation stage with the managers. After approval, the professionals will start working at KPMG from October this year, in a home office regime initially.

In order for the intern to understand the Audit area, learn about the company’s culture, develop and work with the necessary quality, the young person will participate in a development program.

It will be formed by several pillars, including technical training, interpersonal skills, technology. As well as mentoring with more experienced leaders.

In addition to the experience of working in one of the largest audit companies in the world, those selected will have contact with new technologies developed especially to bring innovation to the delivery of the audit.

Among the new tools, is the use of intelligent platforms such as data analysis, automation of audit processes in various segments, reading of documents with the use of artificial intelligence and application of technological solutions for carrying out inventories.

“A new audit is designed for a new auditor – with a technological and innovative profile – supported by areas of product creation and development, for the continuous search for greater added value and with a focus on remodeling the delivery processes to customers, ensuring better experience for professionals and generate greater consistency, quality and efficiency, through a constant digital transformation “, affirms the leading partner of the KPMG audit area, Carlos Pires.

Source: Folha Digirida.

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