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Gerdau is supporting 23 social institutions, located in five cities in Minas Gerais – fulfilling its commitment to the communities in the locations where it operates. The action benefits the elderly, children and adolescents, recyclable material collectors and people with chemical dependence, who are part of socially vulnerable groups, and whose situation was aggravated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cleaning kits, personal hygiene and basic baskets are being donated to entities in Congonhas, Conselheiro Lafaiete, Itabirito, Ouro Branco and Ouro Preto. “Gerdau is working on several fronts to combat the pandemic. Among them, in supporting the most vulnerable populations in Minas Gerais, whose situation was aggravated by the crisis of the new coronavirus ”, reveals Wendel Gomes, Gerdau’s Director of Mining and Raw Materials.

Among the institutions contemplated are some associations of recyclable material collectors, which have the support of ANCAT – National Association of Waste Pickers and Recyclable Material Collectors. According to the institution’s environmental defense agent in Minas Gerais, Maria das Graças Ferreira, the donation benefits 70 families of waste pickers in these cities. “They are women, heads of families, who have had their source of livelihood impacted and who need the concrete collaboration of partners like Gerdau. If the risk for people in social isolation is great, imagine for those who work in the collection, sorting and selection of materials to be recycled ”, he reinforces.

In Ouro Branco, support is also benefiting elderly people served by the Lar Comunitário Frederico Ozanan. The association currently offers care for 32 people, who due to their age make up the group most at risk for Covid-19 disease. “The pandemic has brought a more difficult situation for the elderly, with forced social isolation. Help is essential so that the Home can continue providing specialized care services to society ”, reinforces the institution’s general coordinator, Vanda Viana. In the city, the Bom Pastor Therapeutic Community, the Association of recyclable material collectors (Ascob) and the institutional shelter Estrela Dalva also received donations.

In Congonhas, the benefited institutions were Casa de Convivência Dom Luciano, Ceamec – Support Center for Congonhas Minors, and Ascacon – Association of recyclable material collectors. In Lafaiete, Lar de Maria, Larmena – Lar do Menor Amparado, the asylum Dr. Carlos Romeiro, the Asmarcol, Ascol and Ascopre Waste Pickers Associations received donations.

In Itabirito, the Santa Luzia de Marilac Nursing Home, the Itabirito Waste Pickers Association (Ascito), Reciclar – Itabirito Waste Pickers Association, the Teenager House and the Casa Lar de Itabirito were benefited. In Ouro Preto, five locations will receive the kits: Lar São Vicente de Paulo, the Associations of Waste Pickers Acmar and Padre Faria and the institutional shelters Casa Lar e Adolescentes Meninos.

Source: Jornal Correio da Cidade.

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