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Created by the Secretary of Education of the State of Sao Paulo (SEDUC-SP), it aligns the guidelines of the BNCC (National Basis of Common Curriculum), promotes innovations to the educational activities and more coherence to the vocation and realities of the students in the public school system of the State of Sao Paulo.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to the implementation Technology and Innovation component of the Inova Education Program.

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Complementary Objectives:

  • Technology as part of the education of public school students;
  • Collaborate in the preparation of the pedagogical materials for the in-depth course and in the training of teachers
  • Establish cooperation between the public and private sectors in order to strengthen education in the State of São Paulo.

The program is divided into three main components: Life Project, Electives, and Technology and Innovation. Grupo +Unidos, with the direct support of Qualcomm and Gerdau supports this program through Technology and Innovation.

Weekly, starting in 2020, students will have 01 (one) 45-minute class, in which teachers will teach activities and content related to the main themes of the component:

Digital Information and Communication Technology (TDIC): related to the various existing digital communication tools and also to innovation.

Digital literacy: develops the different forms of communication, including interpretation and critical thinking.

Computational Thinking: brings the concepts and activities such as programming and robotics, game development, among others

Each theme will be worked on simultaneously during classes. The level of activities and content taught will depend on the maturity level of each school.

The component encourages the students to create their own projects. This new pedagogical approach is key to promoting the intellectual, emotional, social and cultural development, specially by reducing evasion and strengthening the bond between students and teachers.

In December 2019, the 1st Movimento Inova Event took place, which hosted the presentation of the best projects from the São Paulo State Science Fair (FeCEESP), brought technological solutions to the problems and challenges of the state education network and also held the Interactive Robotics and Computing Exhibition. During the event, students presented projects on robotics and creative computing developed within school units in the most diverse areas of knowledge.

Also in 2019, Grupo +Unidos invested in the Movement Innovate Education Event, arranging accommodation for the students, providing workshops and in awarding the best works. This first event gathered around 4 thousand people, between teachers and students.


In 2019, the project selected:

34 PCNOs

(Coordinating Teachers of the Pedagogical Nucleus), for the development of the textbooks and teacher qualification materials.


Teachers completed the 4 modules of the online learning program, and are qualified to instruct the Technology and Innovation course.

Grupo + Unidos invested in 2019 not only in the creation of pedagogical content, but also in the Movimento Inova Educação event, supporting student accommodation, workshops and awarding the best works. This first event brought together approximately 4 thousand people, including teachers and students from the network.

In 2020, the project achieved:


schools throughout the state, investing in infrastructure according to the maturity level.

2.5 MM

students throughout the state, investing in infrastructure according to the maturity level.

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