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For every 10 deaths from coronavirus in the city of São Paulo, 6 are from residents of the suburbs. Exactly a month ago, when districts furthest from the center began to record deaths from Covid-19, the numbers grew considerably. The information was provided by reporter Lucas Jozino, from Rádio Bandeirantes.

Right now, the poorest neighborhoods are responsible for 63% of deaths in the capital of São Paulo. The municipal secretary of Health, Edson Aparecido, considers a series of factors responsible for the deaths in these regions.

“It is a trend. The social isolation rate in these regions is low and, on the other hand, overcrowding in hospitals is already a reality ”, said the secretary.

The district of Brasilândia, in the northern zone, continues to lead the number of deaths by coronavirus in the city, with 123 records. Following, Sapopemba, east zone, which has already registered 118 deaths.

The neighborhood of Cachoeirinha, north zone, next to Brasilândia, was in the eighth place, in the last survey. In six days, the district accounted for 24 deaths, and is the third neighborhood in São Paulo with the most deaths from coronavirus.

Then there are Grajaú, in the south, with 86 deaths (21 in just six days) and São Mateus, in the east, with 83.

The neighborhoods that have fewer cases are Marsilac, in the south, with 4 deaths, Jaguara, in the west, with 7, and Barra Funda, also in the west, with 9.

The eastern zone, the most populous in São Paulo, leads the number of deaths: there are 1711, followed by the northern zone, with 1006.

The south zone accounts for 710, the west zone, 603, and the center 466 confirmed and suspected deaths by covid-19. All these data are from the São Paulo City Hall.

Source: Rádio Bandeirantes.

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