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Amid the challenges that arise due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, KPMG started offering free support to small and medium-sized companies, highlighting a team of specialists to assist entrepreneurs, with the clarification of tax and labor issues. The company also offers subsidy on a post-Covid-19 resumption planning service.

The free service is offered to small and medium-sized companies with revenues of up to R $ 40 million, with clarification of doubts about taxes, labor and tax issues. In the last month, about 100 companies were served in this modality, through telephone consultancy. To participate, you must register on this link.

The initiative also offers a service with subsidized fees for the implementation of a recovery plan and customized consultancy for micro and small companies (revenues of up to R $ 50 million) in the following areas:

– Commercial plans: evaluate the development of new sales channels (e-commerce, marketplace); assess how innovation and digital transformation can generate new revenue streams and create new communication channels with your customers.

– Finance and liquidity: reassess financial planning; projected cash flow test; analyze the alternatives of immediate liquidity in the areas of banks, suppliers, taxes and payroll.

– Supply chain: assess the situation of the main suppliers, current stocks and plans to ensure future supply; review policy on safety stocks, raw materials and finished products, in order to mitigate supply risks.

– Workforce: impact of workers’ return gradually; evaluate measures to make working hours more flexible; accelerate measures for the new reality of flexible and remote work.

– Labor aspects: verify the applicability of the measures adopted by the government with respect to labor relations and remuneration; procedural deadlines for defending labor infraction notices; extension of collective agreements and conventions.

– Review of contracts: map the risks of default by the company in contracts with suppliers and customers, provisions on economic and financial rebalancing, force majeure clauses or other contractual exceptions, including documentary support for disputes.

The scheduling of entrepreneurs interested in the initiative can be done on this link.

On June 17, KPMG will also host the webcast ‘Radar for the resumption’, from 4 pm to 5:30 pm, in which company specialists will discuss topics related to the resumption, such as the formulation of business plans, assessment of aspects of finance and liquidity, supply chain analysis and support in contract review. The event is open to the public and entrepreneurs interested in participating can register at the link – https://bit.ly/30LKDSX.

Source: PEGN Magazine (Globo).

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