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In order to be the most complete content on the situation of Brazilian youths, and an important working platform for people and organizations that work in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies and social projects, Atlas das Juventudes continues to a qualitative stage, coordinated by Carla Mayumi of Talk Inc, Sonho Brasileiro and Sonho Brasileiro da Politica.

Aligned with the moment we are living in a pandemic and social isolation, this stage will be applied through online research so that young people between 15 and 29 years old from all over Brazil can talk about their narratives, sharing experiences, challenges and dreams in blocks about the which is to be young; Lifestyle; education, work; financial life; future and dreams; Brazil; besides the considerations about this pandemic moment that we are living.

In the link https://cutt.ly/atlasdasjuventudes it is possible to answer the survey. The objective is to mobilize young people from all over Brazil and from different profiles of society, so that we can have a vivid and diverse picture of the reality of different Brazilian youths.


About Atlas das Juventudes

Coordinated by Em Movimento and Pacto das Juventudes by the SDGs, this national survey consists of three stages.

The quantitative, which has already been finalized and coordinated by Professor Marcelo Neri, from the Center for Social Policies of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), provided secondary data on how and how much the youths’ living, educational and working conditions changed, in addition to the perceptions of recent years. From this stage onwards, the objective is also to draw future perspectives, and to provide a wide database on youth.

The qualitative one, which is this second stage that we launch now, with the objective of understanding the main dreams, problems and trends of the different profiles of youths in Brazil. And the third stage, carried out by the Veredas Institute, which will raise possible paths for some of the challenges observed in the two previous stages, through the J-PAl Methodology of evidence base analysis and the construction of an online library.

Our main mission with Atlas das Juventudes is to provide an updated, free and accessible data platform, with different data about the different youths in Brazil. Thus, we believe that we can contribute so that the right investments are made, at the right time, to activate the potential of this generation and, consequently, allow its full development, building paths for a more prosperous future that includes all people.

To learn more about the Youth Atlas and the organizations involved, click here.


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