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Our purpose is to prepare young Brazilians to participate in the world economy.

Grupo +Unidos is a collaborative social investment fund formed by Brazilian multinational corporations, in partnership with USAID (United States Agency for International Development). Our focus in the public education and professional improvement of young Brazilians. We aim to boost educational and professional development projects for the work market of the 21st century.



From the efforts of this network, we suggest a new way of thinking about corporate social responsibilities. Our methodology for social investment seeks to meet the Venture Philanthropy guidelines, a framework with a high degree of monitoring, through impact metering and reporting, and customized funding policies. For further information, please refer to Social Investment Policies of Grupo +Unidos.



Aside from the financial investments, we promote engagement and the exchange of experiences between the corporate world, social organizations and the public sector.


We are a group that believes, invests and participates.
We are Grupo +Unidos


Venture Philantrophy

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